Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chandler Convalescent Hospital North Hollywood CA 91607

Luke Ford writes:

I hope I don’t end up in a nursing home. I hope I don’t end up at Chandler Convalescent Hospital (5335 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91607). rates it one star out of five and says its quality of care is “poor.”

Chandler Convalescent is owned by Sanford Deutsch, who’s about 80. His late wife Beverly was a patient for more than two years at Chandler. She was hit by a bus a few years ago and sued General Motors.

Sanford Deutsch is moving into Beverlywood with his new wife.

Sanford was a big macher in Jewish Los Angeles. He was a lay leader of the Orthodox Union. He led Congregation Sharei Tefilah at Poinsettia and Beverly Blvd. He led the JNF.

Sanford’s son Mark runs Chandler Convalescent.

The place is a mess. The staff frequently get paid late. They have problems getting banks to take their checks, so instead they’re limited to a couple of check cashing outlets. Better get your check cashed quickly before the account runs out.

In response, much of the care is shoddy. It’s not unusual for the staff to fall asleep on the job.

A patient fell and died a couple of months ago. I wonder if a more attentive staff would’ve prevented his death?

Chandler Convalescent mainly employs Filipinos and Guatamalans.

It would take a man of great moral character to restrain himself from taking his sexual pick of the staff. Particularly if you own apartments and homes where you can house the more attractive ones.